Popup Assassin Pro questions



How to install Popup Assassin Pro?

To install you should run installation file and specify the destination  folder.

Do I need to restart my computer after installation/uninstallation?

No, you don't need to restart your computer.

Do I need to close opened IE windows after installation?

No, you don;t need to do it.

How to recall the blocked popups?

Enter the Popup Assassin Pro log and double click blocked pupup.

What happen if I add Url to White and Black list simultaneously?

The priority of White list is higher. So, if you add Url to Black and White list simultaneously then the popups from this Url will be shown.

How to add Url to Black or White list?

You can add Url from any Popups or Logs section. To add Url from Popups section please enter IP or URL and click "Add" button. To add Url from Logs section please right click to any URL in the Session log and choose the option you need in the appeared contextual menu.

What is the difference between Domain name and Address in Logs context menu?

Domain name means that all popups from this domain will be declined. Address means only this certain popup will be declined.

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