Transparent Window Manager questions


How can I a grab window?

Click on the target icon near the caption The Grabber. And then drag and drop it to the required window.

What are the meaning of the checkboxes near the window?

  1. Enable - fast enabling/disabling the selected window properties set by Transparent Window Manager;
  2. Stay on top - Stay on top property setting;
  3. Disable window - Disable window property setting.

How can I change the transparency of the window?

Click on the required window in the windows list and then set up the scroll bar near the 100% caption to required transparency.

What does "Stay on top" mean?

Stay on top means that selected window will be always visible even you work with another window or application.

What does "Disable input" mean?

Disable input means that you can see the selected window but you can't control it using keyboard or mouse. So if you set 50% transparency and disable input flag for this window you can work with the application bellow this window and see this window at the same time.

What does "100%" button mean?

100% button is set up transparency of all controlled windows in the Transparent Window Manager windows list to 100%. This button is used before quit from Transparent Window Manager.

What does "Delete" button mean?

Delete button deletes the selected windows from the Transparent Window Manager windows list. Before deleting you will be requested about 100% transparency for this window. You can accept or deny it.

What does "Select all" button mean?

"Select all" button selects all handles in Transparent Window Manager windows list.

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