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WinFortress v2.3 (full description)
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Price: US $25.00
Size: 3.29 Mb
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WinFortress helps you to detect, identify and destroy viruses, spy-ware, malware, keyloggers, trojans and ad-ware on your computer. You are alerted by WinFortress about registry or file system changes. Unlike other antispyware programs WinFortress does not scan your drive or registry. Unlike other software that notifies you about changes that are already taking place in your system, Winfortress provides you are with ablility to deny the registry or file system changes before they are performed.

Built on .NET technology WinFortess uses heuristic approach in detecting vulnerable software. Now you can monitor all your system activity and deny any file or registry key/value creation for any program (even for any new virus that is unknown for antivirus for now).

You can use WinFortress to detect spyware that are monitoring your PC. Just run AntiSpy and review the log provided.

Sometimes it is necessary to use software that is infected by virus. But it is necessary to protect other software and files from this virus. Regular antivirus software will just deny you execution of the infected program. Using WinFortress, you can use infected software safely by specifying Sandbox for it. Sandbox is the set of registry keys and folders that are allowed for access. You can specify different sandboxes for different software programs.


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Whom the program is developed for?

This utility is developed to prevent viruses, spy-ware, malware, keylogger, trojan activity before any changes are made by the virus program.

  • For system administrators
  • For the regular and power PC users WinFortress is a valuable add-on to antispyware defense
  • For antispyware software developers to search new spyware and to update their databases

What can you do with WinFortress in comparision with other software types?

Firewall Win Fortress

Detect and eliminate known virus programs

supported supported
Detect and eliminate Unknown virus programs supported
Detect and eliminate Known spyware, keyloggers supported supported
Detect and eliminate Unknown spyware, keyloggers supported
Detect and eliminate Known spyware, keyloggers (that are sent data only via network/internet) supported supported supported
Detect and eliminate Unknown spyware, keyloggers (that are sent data only via network/internet) supported
Detect and eliminate Known trojans, adware supported supported supported supported
Detect and eliminate Unknown trojans, adware supported supported
Manage system services supported
Operate with all processes supported
Speed up Windows startup supported
Manage Internet Explorer plugins supported
Restrict write access to particular folders/files supported
Restrict write access to specific registry keys supported

How does WinFortress work?

WinFortress monitors all your system activity (registry keys/values creation, edition as well as new files creation and changing). All activity is passed through WinFortress Lock engine and you will be alerted if the activity is present in monitoring areas.

WinFortress main features

  • Process list
  • System Services list
  • Startup List
  • Internet Explorer plug-ins List
  • One click process termination
  • System Resources Monitor
  • Registry Monitor
  • File Monitor
  • Sandbox
  • Antispy
  • Skinnable Interface
  • User friendly interface

Win Fortress requires Microsoft .NET Framework installed!

Operation Systems Supported

  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2003
Supported languages
  • English
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