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gdRSS Reader v2.1.0.9 (full description)
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Price: US $20.00
Size: 2.19 Mb
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gdRSS Reader
Read RSS feeds directly to the Google Desktop Sidebar

gdRSS Reader is a handy tool for reading RSS feeds. Plugin has number of useful features, such as:

  • Update rate manual specification
  • News personalization
  • News highlighting possibility
  • Application fully integrates into Google Desktop Sidebar and notifies you about the updates in the RSS feeds you have chosen with the poll frequency you have specified and highlighting the news with the color you want, which makes gdRSS Reader the unique Google Desktop Sidebar plugin for reading RSS News.

    Tips on workaround with plugin

    1. Download and install the plugin. Select Yes on the plugin installation query window.

    2. Specify RSS feeds set by selecting the Options from plugin's panel menu and adding the RSS feed in the appeared window.

    3. Press OK button and wait for the items to be downloaded.

    4. Click on the item and select the color you want to highlight.

    5. Also you can remove the category of the messages you do not want to see by clicking "Do not show such items" button

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