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Popup Assassin Free v1.6 (full description)
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This program is available for free. 
Size: 856 Kb

Annoying popup windows don't have some windows parameters, i.e. buttons, menus etc.
Popup Assassin recognizes them and kills. As a result the program increases Internet connection speed.

Main Popup Assassin Free features
- Popup Assassin Free is very fast and small;
- Works best at blocking popup ads when using Internet Explorer;
- Kills unwanted popup ads before they open;
- Configure sites to block;
- Allow to open any killed window from Popup Assassin Free log;
- Play different sounds when ads are blocked;
- Runs in the system Tray.

And NOW you can easily increase the comfort and productivity of your work.
Just download and use it!

Product details
Popup Assassin Free analize IE windows and kills popup ones. Program has White List and Black list features that allows you to fine tune it. Popup Assassin Free is developed in Microsoft VC++ it is very fast and very small. Furthermore it requires much less system resources in compare with other popup killers.

Operation Systems supported
* Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP
Browsers supported
* Microsoft Internet Explorer (all versions)
Languages supported
* English

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